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Scott Cole
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Perfect Repair Ltd

I was contacted by Perfect Repair Ltd as they were moving their operations to Norwich, Norfolk, and wanted to get a web presence going before doing so. The brief was straight-forward, but had to meet the business needs.

The project started with important keyword research which drove the content and structure of the website. Working closely with Perfect Repair Ltd I created a custom logo, including working on the typography as well as content creation. A styleboard was created that governed the look and feel of the site to create a sense of coherence between the different pages.

That prior work on content etc. led naturally to designing the layout of the pages themselves. The structure of the site was already decided in the previous steps so it was a case of creating a flow for the content.

Lastly, the website was hand coded by me to ensure it would be easily read by any search engine, as well as being functional for visitors (for example ensuring the images were optimised well for the web). Having that control over the code was key to ensuring elements such as image 'alt' tags were used corrently, and the website had a good heirarchy with elements such as heading tags.

Web Design and Developement for Perfect Repair Ltd

Colin David Hair Studios

Briefed with creating a simple yet elegant design, the site was created for Colin David Hair Studios to match the style of the salon. They wanted something straight-forward that would provide the necessary information to their customers.

The logo and images were provided by Colin David, and I worked closely with them on colour choices, typography and layout.

Web Design and Developement for Colin David Hair Studios