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Animating linear-gradient for button links

Animating linear-gradient in CSS? You can’t do it. You’re right, it can’t be done. However, there is a way to […]

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Should you let your web developer register your domain name?

You’re starting a business, or you’re starting a personal website, and you need a website. You’re hiring someone to help […]

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Should your web developer host your website? I say no… Here’s why

I’ve read a few social media posts recently, and I’ve spoken to a few potential clients, about web developers (or […]

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Can I run my website without using cookies? Part 2

A while ago I wrote an article about whether I could run my website using no cookies. This is part […]

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How to backup WordPress using UpraftPlus – Easy and secure

How to backup WordPress using UpdraftPlus. That’s the aim of this little article. It’s in the name. UpdraftPlus is one […]

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Can I run my website without using cookies? Part 1

Website cookies. They’re everywhere. You’d be hard-pressed to find a website that doesn’t set cookies. Although websites typically have to […]

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WordPress comment form and cookies: One small step

The WordPress comment form and Cookies. Privacy. Data Protection. These are topics that are at the forefront of people’s minds […]

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5 genuine reasons to stop using social share buttons

Should I use social share buttons on my blog? Or, should I STOP using social share buttons on my blog? […]

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How to supercharge your website contact info

Website contact information. Sometimes, you’re trying to contact a company and their phone number is just hidden away, never to […]

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5 top WordPress plugins that will give you advantages now

Every website, every company, is going to have a different list of requirements when it comes to functionality. That’s a […]

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Why having a mobile first website is crucial to business growth

What is mobile first? Well, you probably have heard of mobile responsiveness when it comes to websites. It just means […]

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5 quick WordPress speed boosting tips

What is this for? I’m a big fan of making sure websites are optimised well for speed (as well as […]

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How to evaluate your website without help from a web/UX designer

It’s 2018. A new year. You’ve written your 2018 business plan and you’re full of hope for the year ahead. […]

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Minimalist navigation in web design – An idea to supercharge your navigation?

In general, what is minimalism? Well, that depends. Music, Art, the way you live – really, they each have different […]


Bluehost WordPress SMTP contact form problems when hosted by Bluehost and using Gmail

It’s possible other people have faced this Bluehost WordPress SMTP problem. I don’t currently host with Bluehost, but I’ve had […]

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5 questions web designers ask you and how to prepare

So you’ve got your first meeting with a web designer coming up. They’re going to craft you an amazing website […]

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Negative space in web design – How to implement it

You’ve seen websites that seem sparse yet they’re engaging and still convey the message that’s intended (sometimes more effectively). How […]


Faster blog post research using Wikipedia

Using Wikipedia for blog research? OK, that might be a controversial title, but I’ll explain. This is just a short […]

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How often should I redesign my website?

How often should I redesign my website? It’s a question I’ve seen before, and I’ve read articles about it too […]

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The super quick on-page SEO optimisations list

SEO begins at the discovery stage (see my post about 6 steps web designers take that you need to know […]

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