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Animating linear-gradient for button links

Animating linear-gradient in CSS? You can’t do it. You’re right, it can’t be done. However, there is a way to […]

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How to supercharge your website contact info

Website contact information. Sometimes, you’re trying to contact a company and their phone number is just hidden away, never to […]

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Why having a mobile first website is crucial to business growth

What is mobile first? Well, you probably have heard of mobile responsiveness when it comes to websites. It just means […]

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Minimalist navigation in web design – An idea to supercharge your navigation?

In general, what is minimalism? Well, that depends. Music, Art, the way you live – really, they each have different […]


Negative space in web design – How to implement it

You’ve seen websites that seem sparse yet they’re engaging and still convey the message that’s intended (sometimes more effectively). How […]


How often should I redesign my website?

How often should I redesign my website? It’s a question I’ve seen before, and I’ve read articles about it too […]

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The super quick on-page SEO optimisations list

SEO begins at the discovery stage (see my post about 6 steps web designers take that you need to know […]

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