Case Study – Assure Heating and Plumbing

They needed a website that was a little more professional and updated. They also wanted one that loaded quickly...

Eric from Assure Heating & Plumbing got in touch and explained their current website just wasn't loading quickly. It was taking between 7 and 12 seconds. That's not ideal for a website; a slow loading time will frustrate your visitors and won't look great to search engines.

There were also a few additions and changes to make. I indentified a few other optimisations we could make for SEO purposes, and so Eric agreed on redesigning and rebuilding the website.

Now, not only is it well optimised for SEO, but it loads on average in under 1 second. That's a great result.

Technology used:

  • CSS3
  • WordPress

What I provided:

  • Overall website architecture redesigned
  • Visual design improvements
  • Search Engine Optimisations
  • Loading Speed Optimisations

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