Case Study – Gillies Recruitment

Gillies Recruitment take a personal approach to what they do. They needed a simple website that would let them show what they do and help reach out to their candidates and clients.

Being able to keep their website up to date with jobs they have and information about the company was crucial for Gillies Recruitment. They also didn't want anything unnecessary on their website that would stop visitors getting at what was needed.

Given their requirements, a simple WordPress theme with some custom code added by me was the best way forward. As with some premade WordPress themes, it just didn't quite fit the bill. I was able to add that hand written code to take the premade theme and make it theirs.

I also added in a little training (as with most projects) so that Gillies Recruitment could get the most out of WordPress and keep their website relevant and up to date with the latest information their candidates and clients need.

Technology used:

  • CSS3
  • WordPress

What I provided:

  • Overall website architecture design
  • Page structure design
  • User Experience research and planning
  • Visual Design + Website Build
  • Training

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