Case Study – Norfolk Profile Roofing

They came to me looking for something cost effective as they were just starting out.

They'd tried making a website themselves, but realised to get a good result they needed someone like to me to help.

The aim was a website that's cost effective, but still showcases the work they do and the services they offer. They also wanted to be able to manage most of the website themselves moving forward.

My advice was to use WordPress as they'd be able to edit and add content as they needed to, and it's a user friendly platform. I also suggested a small amount of User Experience work before we started (which is instrumental in crafting a website that's more targeted). That UX work gave us a great foundation of knowledge of what their users would be looking for.

The design itself incorporates elements from the materials they use on hard metal roofs, an idea they were on board with from the get go. The final website is something which reflects their company accurately, is targeted towards their potential customers, and is easy for them to manage moving forward.

Technology used:

  • WordPress
  • CSS

What I provided:

  • UX Discussion
  • Bespoke Design
  • Training to use WordPress

The brief

Norfolk Profile Roofing came to me looking for a bit of help. They’d looked at making their own website through one of the more popular platforms that allow you to use a drag and drop builder. Despite how easy those platforms make it, they just weren’t sure what to include on the website and how to make it stand out.

As a new company, they were looking for something cost effective and something they could largely manage themselves moving forward.

I recommend WordPress along with some preliminary User Experience work to make sure the website provided the most relevant information in the best possible way.

Pre-design work

As with most projects I undertake, we also carried out some User Experience (UX) work. We brainstormed some user personas to help us assess what potential customers would want to know and see when they first land on the website.

That UX work provided a great foundation for the rest of the project. It gave us a good understanding of what potential customers would likely want to see and know when they land on the website. It also gave us an understanding of what sort of people would likely want to purchase the services (which can also influence the design itself, not just the structure of the pages/information contained on the website).

I also created some basic wireframes, using that UX work we carried out, to quickly iterate through ideas for the layouts of most of the pages. On top of that we were able to decide on what content would be required. Norfolk Profile Roofing provided that content, which I was happy to proof read.

The design and build

With the UX, wireframing and most of the content writing completed I was able to design and build the website. As I mentioned before, we wanted to use some of the colours of the materials they use in hard metal roofs. “Zinc” grey might not seem like the most exciting colour but it contains subtle hues of other colours such as blues in there too. Copper stands out much more (although I did opt for the brighter new copper look, rather than green copper which has been out in the elements for some time).

Throughout building the website I also kept in mind that Norfolk Profile Roofing needed to be able to edit as much of the content as possible.

Here’s a screenshot of the final homepage for their new website.

A screenshot of the homepage for the website I created for Norfolk Profile Roofing.


As well as typical work I carry out once a website is built (such as testing it extensively and setting up any plugins to ensure it’s as easy to manage as possible), I also created training documentation for Norfolk Profile Roofing to show them how to carry out certain tasks. Those training documents included how to place additional images in the gallery, add testimonials to the website as and when they get them, and how to write blog posts etc.

Sitting down with a client to show them how to use their new website can be great, but Norfolk Profile Roofing felt written documentation would be a bigger benefit as it’s easier to refer to if they needed to.

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