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Every project is different. Different requirements. Different technologies needed. Different budgets.

Here’s my process for a fairly typical project to design/redesign and build a website.

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Step 1: Define, research, and planning

  • I get to know you and your business. What makes you tick.
  • We’ll carry out some exercises to define your users. This might include the creation of user personas. It may also include getting some feedback from your existing users. The purpose is to better understand the pain points of your users and what they want to get from your website.
  • If you already have a website I’ll also carry out an audit. I not only focus on how the website is constructed and what content you have on there, but if you have some analytics available (perhaps from Google Analytics) I’ll look at that too to see how your users are currently interacting with it.
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Step 2: User Experience Design, Content, and Interface Design

  • From our exercises to define what your users want from your website I’ll draft some ideas for the user flow and some basic wireframes. I’ll write in some basic content which will help when working with a copywriter.
  • We’ll talk with your copywriter and go through the wireframes and user flow. The wireframes will give us an idea of what sort of content we need for certain parts, but it’s not set in stone. A copywriter may have their own suggestions (perhaps certain bits of content want to be longer or shorter – they may even suggest adding or removing certain parts of it). This is a collaborative process.
  • Once the copywriter is happy with what content needs to be written and what form it will take, I can take the wireframes and start designing the website for real. Once the final copy from the copywriter is ready I can drop it into the design. If there are any last-minute changes from the copywriter I can make those changes in the design (it’s much easier to change something in the design stage rather than once the website is built – a copywriter might discover while writing that a part of the content is too long, and it needs to be shortened).
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Step 3: Development

  • Once you’re happy with the design and content, I can start building your website.
  • I believe the code behind your website can look just as beautiful as the design itself. I take pride in my work and I’m always updating my knowledge to stay ahead of the game.
  • Hand-coding your website gives a level of control you just can’t get with a website builder or pre-made theme.
  • Naturally, your website will be mobile first and I’ll use progressive enhancement to make sure everyone is able to use the website.
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Step 4: Testing and Deployment

  • I’ll test your new website to make sure it works as intended.
  • Once you’re happy with it I’ll deploy it on your website host and test it some more.
  • I’ll also employ optimisation techniques to make sure your new website is as fast as possible.
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Step 5: Optimisation

  • Once your website has been live and has been collecting analytics data I can use that data to understand how your users are interacting with it. With that information we can make some minor adjustments to make sure your website achieves its goals. It's often called conversion optimisation.
  • I can also look at the speed of your website and make some further optimisations if needed to make sure it’s at its best.

* “You’ve not mentioned accessibility yet!” I hear you say. Well, accessibility isn’t just an addon. It’s not optional. Accessibility is baked into each part of the process because it’s simply natural.

Accessibility isn’t only about whether keyboard-only users can use your website. It’s about what happens if they turn Javascript off (or use a device that can’t support it), whether text is readable and supports being increased in size if the user needs it to, among a great many other things.

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